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4 Cats Co-business Community

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MORE THAN A CO-WORKING SPACE, 4 Cats specialises in creative industry.

Our members are able to meet different professionals in this industry which boosts them to execute success projects through collaboration with one another.

Aiming at members' business, suggestions are given by our experienced advisors on their start-up business operation as well as account servicing skills.

Our network is widely connected to different industries which benefits catchers, our members, to build actual business between entrepreneurs and them. 

4 Cats has a UNIQUE co-business scheme. Through the strategic alliance with PACO Communications,

his enormous network and experience allows us to provide opportunities for selected outstanding members to achieve massive projects.

It shifts us from a co-working space to a co-business community. 



     The front door                                                                                                         The working area


4 Cats can also be elaborated into 4 Cs:

     Co-learn: learn from experienced entrepreneurs and catchers by  mutual communication. 

     Co-create:  together with different professionals to complete a massive project.

     Co-business: collaborate with one another as well as external parties to achieve actual successful trade.

     Co-victory: by co-working, we lead catchers, entrepreneur, users to a victory.


Key features:

* Unique alliance which helps catchers to achieve massive projects

* Probably the 1st co-working space with in-house homemade coffee

* Work life balance - a shower room provided

* Networking - regular events and seminars in various fields

* Mentorship



     The event venue                                                                                                        4 Cats Pastry


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Facebook: 4 Cats Co-business Community

Instagram: 4cats_community

Website: Coming soon....

Visit us: Unit 1101, Eastern Centre, 1065 Kings Road, Quarry Bay

Reception hour: 9:30am-6:30pm

Work space opening hour: 9:30am-9:30pm

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: 2110-6909