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Saint-Louis - Bantalounge (redirected from Coworking Saint-Louis, Senegal)

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A coworking space founded in early 2011 in the Ndiolofène area of Saint-Louis, Senegal. The space is not situated on the old island part of Saint-Louis, but rather on the mainland, 5 minutes away from the famous "Pont Faid'herbe" at the entrance of old Saint-Louis.  
The space was set up by  Bantalabs (an open source training and development company with offices in Dakar, Saint-Louis, Paris and London) on close collaboration with the Jokkolabs coworking space in Dakar.  
We have:
- shared office space
- 2 meeting rooms
- 5 dedicated closed office spaces
- kitchen
- outside terrace
- full wifi coverage
- 10 mbit adsl connection
Rue NDN 11, 
Saint-Louis, Senegal
The lab is:
- roughly between the 'commissariat centrale' and the 'Oil Lybia' gas station
- around the corner from the 'Bio Ndar' laboratories
- in the street with the 'Ecole Aby Kane Diallo' school at the corner
- in the building where the 'Radio Dounia' used to be
When in doubt, just call us.
+221 77 181 83 76