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Examples of How Coworking Spaces are Priced

We've been receiving a few emails asking how to price a coworking space. Of course, all depends on your needs:

  • Is it for-profit or a non-profit?
  • What does the space cost you to run? (divide by the number of people it holds)
  • What is the average cost for workspace in your area and can you make this more affordable?

TaraHunt mentioned a simple formula on the mailing list:

Break even model
(Cost of space x 1.5 = total cost of space) / (number of square feet / 100 = number of desks) = Cost per desk
Profitable model
(Cost of space x 3 = cost of space and then some) / (number of square feet / 100 = number of desks) = Cost per desk

For some cities, like New York, office space costs $4psf/month, so expect monthly desk rates like $600+, which is a relative bargain. Remember that we are still 'competing' with coffee shops, which are, basically, free if you don't count the coffee and the many muffins you will buy...although some spaces use the coffee calculation to justify their costs. For example, a $4 latte per day adds up to $80 per month. Considering you have to buy a coffee for every hour you spend at many coffee shops, you arelooking at around $500/month on coffee (for just regular coffees at $2/cup six hours per day).


Of course, coworking gives you much, much more than a coffee shop replacement, but if you want to show that you can get all of that and more, it's an idea. Here are a bunch of examples of existing spaces and their pricing structures. You can find out more about what those prices include on their websites:


Dyrecto Business Center (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain)


Basic Virtual Office: 75€/month

Custom Virtual Office 99€/month

Flexible Coworking 99€/month

Premium Coworking 200€/month



The Network Hub (Vancouver)


COWORKING:  $5 per hour or $35 all day

SHARED DESK SPACE: $250-$350/month








Toolbox (Torino, Italy) - 1000mq openspace with 44 seats - 6 meeting rooms


Daily Pass: € 25,00 + Vat(20%)

Weekly Pass: € 100 + Vat(20%) - 3 hours of meeting rooms included

carnet: €400+ Vat(20%) - 20 pass to be used in 4 months

monthly pass: € 25,00 + Vat(20%) - 10 hours of meeting rooms included

2 adjacent seats: 450,00 + Vat(20%) - 20 hours of meeting rooms included

Annual pass: 2500,00 + Vat(20%) - 120 hours of meeting rooms included






Pto de Contato (São Paulo, Brazil)

Daily Pass: R$ 50,00 or US$ 25,00

Weekly Pass: R$ 225,00 or US$ 100,00


Full period: R$ 500,00 or US$ 250,00 (Full time desk)

Part time period: R$ 350,00 or US$ 175,00 (6 hours per day)



Beans! Coworking Augusta (São Paulo, Brazil)

Daily Pass: R$45,00

Weekly Pass: R$ 175,00


Full month: R$ 650,00(Full time desk)




The Hive Coop (Denver)

$349/Month for the Anchor Plan

$199/Month for the Hotdesk Plan

$129/Month for the Nights and Weekends Plan



Citizen Space (San Francisco)

$425 Full time, key, desk

$300 Part time, key


Free Drop in (Donations welcome)



Independents Hall (Philadelphia)

$275 Full time

$175 Part time

$25 Basic membership, then $15/day

$25 drop in non-member



Cooper Bricolage (NYC)

$200 Month Pass

$60 5-Day Pass

$15 Day Pass



Nutopia Workspace/81 Franklin Street (NYC)

$1200+ Private Office

$450+ Full Time

$400 Coworking + key (access 24x7)

$300 Coworking

$300/year Drop-in

($500 deposit for access 24x7)



Coworking Brooklyn (Brooklyn)

$200 5 days/wk

Free drop in / $20/day after

(capacity 5-7 coworkers)



Citizen Desk (Wausau, WI)

$175 Desk Member

$100 Basic membership, then $10/day

Free drop in non-member / $10 day after

($50 deposit for membership)



Working Space (Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain)


€350 Month Pass - one desk

€275 Four days per week

€225 Three days per week

€175 Two days per week

€125 One day per week



Garage30 (Madrid, Spain)

new times, new concepts, new models


€1599 each year, in-company!

€49 each month, in-move!




SoCo Depot (Penngrove, California)


Full time, key, desk $230 to $310 during 2008



Cowork Central (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Daily Pass: $70 AR (US $17)


Ultra Light Member: $260 AR (US $65) (5 days/month)

Light Member: $450 AR (US $115) (10 days/month)

Advance Member: $580 AR (US $145) (15 days/month)

Full Member: $760 AR (US $190) (Fulltime desk)



Station C (Montreal, CA)

$350 Full access

$250 Lite (up to 22h/week of desk usage during workhours)

$3/hour desk



Eclau (Lausanne, CH)

CHF 300 Permanent desk

CHF 150 Hot-desk+storage

CHF 100 Hot-desk

Drop-in free



Gangplank (Chandler, Arizona)

Free to anyone who comes in   

8:30am-6:00pm most nights, till 11pm or later on Wednesdays.



AbaCoworking (Bilgao, Spain)

€150 / month - Hot-desk + Wifi + Storage + Reception + Waiting room



·        COWORKING: $5 per hour or $35 all day (9 am - 5pm)

·        SHARED DESK SPACE: $250-$350/month

·        SMALL OFFICE SPACE: $750/month

·        MID-SIZED OFFICE SPACE: $900/month

·        LARGE OFFICE SPACE: $1350/month

Saint Louis Coworking (St. Louis, MO)

$450/month - Solo Dedicated Desk

$300/month - Shared Dedicated Desk

$100/month - Drop in

$175/month - Virtual Office


804RVA (Richmond, VA)

$75/ month - Socialite (1 day per week), Shared desk

$175/ month - Ninja (3 days per week), Shared desk

$250/ month - Coworkaholic (5 days per week), Shared desk

$360/ month - Resident (5 days per week), Dedicated desk



C3 cowork (Prague, Czech Republic)






Capsity - Sacramento, California


Virtual Office Package: 5 Day Flex Pass in shared office space - $95/month

Capsitizen Package: Unlimited access in shared office space -$127/month

Dedicated Desk:  Unlimited access with your own desk   - $250-$300/month

Private Office: Your own enclosed office space - $400-$50/month