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the HUB Fairbanks

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We love working from coffee shops and from home too, but sometimes we need a place with more amenities and fewer distractions. Our amenities include: coffee, tea, a kitchenette area, a copy-print-scan station, office supplies, a private space to make phone calls, on-site yoga classes, and lifestyle and entrepreneurship workshops. So, whether you are a local roaming professional or visiting from farther afield feel free to stop into the HUB Fairbanks and enjoy the perks of membership here and around the world with our coworking visa. The Coworking Visa allows active members of one space to use other coworking spaces around the world for free for a set number of days (3 is the default). Terms vary from space to space with regard to hours of operation, how many days are offered, reservation requirements, etc., so be sure to check the Visa terms for the space you want to visit.


For more details about the HUB (Fairbanks, AK) check out our website