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Coworking Studio Loulé - Southern Portugal

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The Coworking Studio initiative is an Independent Community Project designed to capture free office spaces in less populated cities and convert them into sustainable Coworking locations.

Coworking Studio Loulé in the Algarve is our 1st pilot location as our objective is to assist small/medium companies (which we call our "coworking partners") who have available free office spaces to setup coworking areas, thus increasing the availability of coworking spaces for the local community. Our coworking partner in the South of Portugal is Motivografico 3D.

At the Coworking Studio in Loulé we have 2 private offices, 1 meeting room and a common hot desk area with 8 desks. Are pricing includes rates for flexible short term coworkers (hourly and weekly rates) as well as residential packages including printing, meeting room hours and fixed address. All rates include unlimited high speed internet, reception, coffee and tea always available.


Why is the South of Portugal a great place for Coworking?

Why is the city of Loulé a great place for Coworking? 


Phone: (+351) 289419260 / 965413480

Email: [email protected]