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European Coworking Assembly

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The European Coworking Assembly consists of coworking entrepreneurs and professionals who want to improve Europe’s economy and society via coworking and help and promote coworking to reach its full potential. We work with coworking spaces and policy makers to promote coworking businesses, activities and interests in the European Union.


We want to improve our towns, regions, countries, Europe and the World.   So we campaign and call for governments, parliaments and administrations to:

  • Promote coworking spaces via demand, not offer.
  • Facilitate access to finance and guarantees.
  • Open up unused spaces to be used by local coworking businesses.
  • Update laws and regulations to include coworking as a recognized business.
  • Simplify VAT taxation for intra-Community transactions.
  • Limit taxation on early stage spaces so that they can focus on growth and long term sustainability.
  • Promote coworking spaces as a necessary lever for innovation.
  • Encourage the support of coworkers, increase their numbers and promote their lifestyle.




Open Coworking is proud to partner with the European Coworking Assembly an organization founded and run by some of the most established  visionaries and champions of the coworking movement, including Ramon Suarez of Betacowork and author of The Coworking Handbook, Jean-Yves Huwart and Anis Bedda of the Coworking Europe conference, Manuel Zea Barral of WorkingSpaceCoworkingSpain.es, and the first Coworking Spain Conference, Eric van den Broek of Mutinerie and CoPass, and many more.to spread the good word about coworking to people, organizers, and governments everywhere. Its all-star team of members are dedicated to the healthy growth of coworking in a continent that’s home to perhaps the most dense and diverse concentration of coworking spaces anywhere on earth.


Join up here.